I'm 22 years old, white (irish/italian), female(agender), pansexual. I am liberal in my views but I prefer to live by the Golden Rule.
As long as you play nice, I will too.

Other facts:
~ I have ADHD with anxiety.
~ I am agender, but i prefer female pronouns. i will not get angry if you misgender me, i will not get angry if you question me. i will not get angry if you do not understand.
~ I am an artist, sometimes I'll answer asks with doodles if you ask nicely :3
~ Because of my ADHD, i find communicating clearly difficult sometimes. I sometimes take things literally and I often misunderstand written sarcasm if you don't tell me.

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i don’t think you guys understand how much i love pokemon…

this is only the first generation sorted out and put in sleeves… 3 more gens to go (because i have no 5gen cards yet)

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