I'm 24 years old,
white (irish/italian),
agender (female pronouns plz)

I am liberal in my views but I prefer to live by the Golden Rule.

As long as you play nice, I will too.

Other facts:
~ I have ADHD with anxiety.
~ I am an artist, sometimes I'll answer asks with doodles if you ask nicely :3
~ Because of my ADHD, i find communicating clearly difficult sometimes. I sometimes take things literally and I often misunderstand written sarcasm if you don't tell me.


100 facts about me

Fact #18

I’m afraid of the dark

have been sense i was 8 and watched a vampire special on discovery channel.

I can’t sleep unless i have a heavy blanket over me all the way up to my neck.

100 facts about me

i lost count and i’m too lazy to check but i think i’m on 17


fact #17

I hate most teenage girls.

really, nothing against girls, i mean i am one and i’m only a few years too old to be considered a teenager, but god dammit do you all have to be so damn full of drama??


100 facts about me

fact #16

I started roleplaying in 7th grade.

i think i still have that roleplay somewhere

oh god it is horrible and terrible, but was sooo much fun XD

100 facts about me

fact #15 (or am i on 16? eh, i’ll check later)

I can’t read an analog clock, or the clock with the face.

at least not at first glance, i have to actually stop and /look/ and actively remember what the fuck it’s suppose to mean.

i’m not being lazy, i’m not stupid, my brain just doesn’t work that way.

i’ll just stick with digital clocks

100 facts about me

fact #14

I’m also really picky about how certain foods are made…

like i love spaghetti, but i won’t touch most restaurant made spaghetti case i can’t stand the taste

i’m like this with alot of foods. i will only eat them if made a certain way XD;;

100 facts about me

fact #13

Coffee! Coffee is baaad for me

okay really i just don’t like it…

please don’t make me drink/eat it ;-;

100 facts about me

fact #12

My absolute inabiliy to choke down cooked carrots has repeatedly caused huge fights at dinner time sense i had the ability to voice my distaste about them. (you know, other then just vomit it back up into my mom’s face like i did as a infant. apparently i was good at projectile vomiting as a baby)

What normally happened is that my mom would make soup and would /always/ put in carrots. I don’t mind carrots raw and i even absolutely love them raw. but once they are cooked i can’t even put it into my mouth with out immediately spitting it back out.

my mom seems to think this is a personal offence and one time even lead to a 5 hour ‘peaceful protest’ in which i sat at the dinning room table staring at a bowl of carrots and soup broth refusing to eat anything while my mom yelled at me and tried to force me to eat them.

lets just say my stubbornness won out and i went to bed hungry.

100 facts about me

fact #11

I absolutely can’t stand onions.

i just, it doesn’t mater, cooked, raw, what ever i don’t like them.

other things i don’t like and can’t stand to eat: Tomatoes, peppers, squash, pickled ginger, things with a slimy/squishy/oversoft texture.

100 facts about me

fact #10

I’m Lactose sensitive.

i can have a little bit of dairy, but more then a serving every few days and i’ll get sick

100 facts about me

fact #9

I’m allergic to eggs.

or at least to some degree. i can have things like cakes and cookies and breads that have egg in it, but i cant have things like egg salad, omelets, or fried rice with egg in it unless i want to be hugging a toilet for a few hours.